Group Comprehensive Childbirth class- $300

This 4-week childbirth class is designed to prepare you to be mentally and physically ready to navigate your birth journey. Topics covered include: labor positions, medicated & unmedicated comfort measures, birth plans, what to expect in the immediate postpartum period & more. 

You will leave this series with an in-depth understanding of what to expect and trust in your ability to make informed decisions during your birth journey. Partners can expect to participate and be prepared to be a knowledgeable and confident support person during the labor process. Start this class between 26-32 weeks. Spots are limited.

$50 non refundable deposit due to reserve space. Balance due at beginning of the first class. Register here

Private Childbirth Class - $350

Includes four private in home sessions, tailored to fit your needs, questions and concerns. Whether you choose to have a hospital birth, a home birth or to birth in a birth center, you will receive the most current and up to date research to help you make informed decisions that are best for your family. Each session will last 2-2.5 hours and will be done in 4 consecutive weeks. Includes materials . One make up class can be scheduled, if necessary. $50 deposit to register. Balance due at first class.

Doula Services- $800

This package includes 2-3 prenatal visits, continuous text/email support during pregnancy, access to my lending library & resource list & 24 hour on call service beginning at 38 weeks. Family will receive continuous emotional and physical support during active labor as well as 2 hour immediate postpartum care and 2 postpartum visits (the first at 48-72 hours & the second at 4 or 6 weeks). Our initial consultation interview is always complimentary.

Little Star Package- $1075

This option includes both comprehensive childbirth class & birth doula services. It also includes the 4th trimester class at no additional charge. 

Encore class- $100

This option is geared toward families having their second child (or third or more!!). Maybe you just need a refresher course to remember what to expect during birth, or you want to have an unmedicated birth this time around, or you’re going from hospital to a homebirth and want to be prepared for how they might be different- this is the course for you. Still tailored to fit your needs and answer your specific questions, this 4 hour session can help prepare you for giving birth…again. Register here.

Fourth Trimester class- $100

We spend so much time preparing for birth, but what about when baby comes home? This 4th trimester class can help prepare you for newborn basics including topics such as: newborn screenings, diapering , umbilical cord care, newborn hunger signs, breastfeeding positions, postpartum nutrition, postpartum mood disorders, and the first days and weeks of postpartum recovery care for mothers (as well as how partners, friends and family can support new mothers). This is a 3 hour class that will leave you with a solid postpartum care plan to help you bond with your new baby and fully embrace your fourth trimester. Register here.

Comfort Measures- $100

Focused on relaxation, positions and movements that will help provide comfort during labor, this 3 hour class will help you prepare for labor and how you can cope in the best way for you. We will discuss partner support, guided relaxation and breathing techniques all designed to prepare the laboring woman for childbirth. Includes affirmation cards & birth plan review. Register here.